Sabtu, 24 September 2011

Just Saying

Justin Bieber is my idol. thank you on the best thinking, and inspiring show.

I know, so many people loves you. Do you understand how lucky you are? Well you really know. I'm not you, has it all, i mean your spirit. I just think to do good things, not doing the best. Maybe after this I will say again "Best" but in true world, I'm so easy be forgeted.

I just want to be you. Being someone who never feel lonely. Become what you want. I never know what luck you get. But look, you have awesome! I don't want to on stage for working my hobby, not a lot of fans and i would't want to be famous. I just want to be a lucky girl haha it was funny, I just want to be people who go work hard, well that's what you'll say! : P

I not much understand what I'm going later, but I believe, I'll be the best than i get my best. This simple but from where I get support? I'm just an ordinary girl who had a few friends, and they are my friends. Well Im just can show you this through the work. I can't give it to everyone, really disappointed.

Thanks stangers was made laptops and thank you also for the keyboard. thanks for making me do this. Thanks God for Amazing world.

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