Selasa, 07 Desember 2010


Overboard - justin bieber and jessica jarell (Jessica) It feels like were been out at sea, so back and forth thats how its seems, and when i want to talk you say to me, that if its meant to be it will be.
# so crazy in this thing we call love, that love that we got that we just cant give up, im rechhng out for you, tell me out here in the water and l.
## Im overboard, and i need your love, pull me up, i cant swim on my own, its to much, feels like im drowing, without your love, so throw yourself out to me, my life sever life sever oo life sever.
(Justin) never understand you say, wanting me to met you half way, felt like i was doing my part, get bring you coming up short, funny how these thing chage, cause i see.
Its supposed to be some give and take i know, your only talking and not given any more, so what will i do? Cause i still love you, youre the only one who can save me
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